Trade Plus Review 

Trade plus is a broker offering equity broker services with NSE in 1995, who became a depository participant with NSDL from 1997 and CDSL from 2018, and became a stockbroker in BSE from 2010 and MCX as 2009.  

You also get benefitted by the broker in terms of Transparency, technology, and timeliness. You can only do business with people you can trust because if that is lacking, there is no point being with such people. 

Trade Plus Online Review

These 3 principles helped not just our clients but 1 lakh clients. The company seeks innovative ideas, and if that is lacking, it cannot function properly.  

It relaunched the online brand called Trade Plus in 2014. You get an installable trading terminal, mobile application, and trading website. 

Customers also get access to platforms like – NSE Now, infini-power, infini-web, and trade plus a mobile app.

Trade Plus Pricing & Charges

Here are the details about Trade Plus Online charges applicable to Account Opening, brokerage charge, transaction charges, and other charges.            

#1 Account Opening Charges & Annual Charges

Based on the account you have with trade plus, you get to pay according to that. That also involves account opening charges and AMC charges. 

Let’s learn about the charges that can help you understand it better and help you make wise decisions.

Trade Plus Online
Charge TypeCharged At
Trading account opening charge (payable once)Rs. 199
Trading AMC (yearly fee charged)Zero
DEMAT Account opening (paid once)Zero
DEMAT Account AMC (paid yearly)Rs. 500 (for five years)

Account opening charges broadly include charges that speak about various accounts. Rs. 199 is payable for opening a trading account, which is although paid once. 

AMC is charged yearly at zero cost. And DEMAT account opening is paid once and is charged against zero, which means it’s not payable.

During DEMAT account AMC is payable at Rs. 500 per year.  

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#2 Trade Plus Brokerage Charges

Tradeplus brokerage plan includes two types of programs that speak about various brokerage applicable to the investor for trading with TradePlus.

ChargesGtrading Brokerage
Equity DeliveryFREE
Equity Intraday0.01%
Equity FutureRs. 9 per traded order
Equity OptionRs. 9 per traded order
Currency FutureRs. 9 per traded order
Currency OptionRs. 9 per traded order
Commodity FutureRs. 9 per traded order
Commodity OptionRs. 9 per traded order

You don’t need to pay a monthly fee in both plans. For Equity intraday, you need to pay 0.01%. And there’s no need to pay for equity future, equity option, currency futures, currency option.

In plan one, you need to pay Rs.799 per month while in plan two, you need to pay Rs — 9 per traded order for each option of investment.

#3 Transaction & GST Charges

Trade Plus Online offer you SERVICES against which transaction charges are applicable and offer you with lots of trading options.

And you also get Exchange Turnover Charge and trade clearing charge applicable on trading. 

Let’s learn about the charges applicable and will be payable by the investor investing in the share market.

Trading OptionsTransaction Fees
Equity DeliveryRs. 330 per crore (0.0033%) on both sides
Equity IntradayRs. 330 per crore (0.0033%) on sale side
Equity futureRs. 350 per crore (0.0035%)
Equity OptionRs. 7500 per crore (0.075% on premium)
Equity CurrencyRs. 165 per crore (0.00165%)
Currency OptionRs. 6000 on premium per crore (0.06%)
Commodity Rs. 400 (0.004%)

For equity delivery transaction fee of Rs. 330 per crore is chargeable on both sides. For equity intraday Rs.330 per crore on sale is chargeable. 

Whereas for equity future transaction fee of Rs. 350 per crore is chargeable. For equity option Rs.7500 per crore is chargeable as transaction fees. 

While equity currency Rs. 165 per crore is chargeable and for currency option Rs. 6000 on premium per crore is chargeable as transaction fees. And for commodity trading Rs. 400 is chargeable as transaction fees.

#4. Other Charges

The other charges charged of TradePlus broker include various charges-

  • Charges paid for using INFINI Power software for equity trading is Rs.499pm, but for six months, it’s Rs. 1999 and for twelve months its Rs. 2999. While software charges for using INFINI Power for MCX is Rs. 249pm.
  • For every call and trade, the charge of trade plus is 1000pm, and for every trade segment, SMS is charged at Rs. 99.
  • Email contract note is FREE of cost while physical contract copy is charged at Rs. 50 per contract. 
  • Every cheque bounce case is charged at 1% of cheque value that ranges Rs. 250 minimum and Rs. 1000 maximum.
  • Every modification deals like address change, bank updates, and etc. will be chargeable at Rs. 113.
  • Minimum of 15/transaction and maximum of 200/ transaction or 0.02% of the transaction value will be chargeable as DP charges for delivery based equity selling.
  • NSE charges, statutory charges as well as transaction charges will be charged.
AMC for corporates1000/year
Transaction charge per ISIN for BuyingZero
Transaction charge per ISIN for Selling0.02% transaction, 15 / transaction
& maximum of Rs.200. 
Inter Depository Transfer on BuyingNA
Inter Depository Transfer on Selling0.04% of transaction value
DEMAT per certificateRs. 50/ DRF
REMAT per ISINRs. 15/ certificate

Trade Plus Products & Amazing Features

Products offered by this broker speak about the various points like –

  • INFINI Power – EXE Trading, 
  • INFINI WEB – Web Trading, 
  • Tradeplus Mobile App, 
  • INFINI MF – Direct Mutual Fund, 
  • Alive – Stock Alerts, 
  • Margin Trading Facility.
  • Margin Calculator

For MCX trading margin is used to know the margin earned on trading in commodity. 

You can use this margin to know the expected margin you could earn from trading in a commodity.

Here you need to choose the product, lot size, price, NRML margin, MIS margin, and CO/BO. And you can also learn from the commodity via MCX trading margin that deals with product, lot size, price, NRML margin, MIS margin as well as CO/BO. 

While the currency margin calculator speaks about the MIS and NRML. 50% of span and exposure margin applies to MIS. And for NRML, span and exposure are applicable. 

For equity future product name MIS, NRML, and CO/BO. You earn 50% of SPAN and exposure trading on MIS. For CO/BO, you make a margin of 5%.  

Brokerage Calculator

While trading in commodity, let’s assume the buying price of a share is 100, and the selling price is 110, and there is a total of 100 shares like that. On this, there will be no brokerage applied, but a turnover charge of 0.84 will apply. GST will be payable at 0.15, commodity transaction tax of 1.10, SEBI charge of 0.04, and total tax amount to 2.13, which gives a point of breakeven as  0.02 and a betting profit of 997.87.


TradePlus trading in an online IPO is way comfortable and convenient. And here are some steps that can help you with IPO trading with TradePlus.

Back office website can teach you the steps you need to perform- First, you have to visit “TradePlus” website and go for back office login for getting the complete access.

Then click on the “IPO/ bond /NFO” link. After selection of IPO from the list of IPOs available and on the confirmation, click on the apply button. And then fill and submit the application form.

Once the form is submitted, you can check the order status under the “order status” page. As soon as you receive a confirmation, w.r.t your order via email/SMS bidding gets uploaded in exchange for IPO.

The customer gets a bidding confirmation via SMS/email if it’s uploaded and confirmed. Upon receiving the IPO, the broker will complete the necessary formalities using a power of attorney. 

Leverage / Exposure / Trade Plus Margin / Limit 

On equity delivery, you can earn up to 4X for equity intraday and can earn up to 33X. In contrast, for equity future, you can earn intraday leverage 2X, cover order margin of 3%, equity option on intraday leverage as  2X, and can earn currency future leverage as 2X. 

Whereas currency option is 1X and commodity future intraday leverage of 2X. Here are some margins on trading in various segments. And it includes the list as Follows-

TradingMargin on Trading
Equity DeliveryYou earn upto 4X
Equity IntradayUpto 33X
Equity FutureIntraday leverage 2X and cover
over margin as 3%
Equity OptionIntraday leverage of 2X
Currency Optionas 1X
Commodity FutureIntraday leverage of 2X

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Trade Plus Trading platform

TradePlus Online offer trading platforms that can be used by the investor to keep track and trade effectively. INFINI Trading solution named as- INFINI web, INFINI power, and TradePlus mobile. NOW- NEAT on the internet and Back Office. 

You can use the Back Office and get access to security and a fully functional system for hassle-free access to account management and trading.

It is most beneficial for people trading in equity and commodity markets. 


Its web-based trading platform for trading conveniently and without any hassle.  So, to make a quick buy, sell, edit, cancel the order, it’s possible with this broker. 

It also features you with product conversion, sells depository stock in a click, and allows you to place cover order with market price or limit price. 

You also get access to the best charting tools that help you chart with 100 indicators, 13 types of chart, you get access to future and option chain. 

You also learn about the top gainers, losers, intuitive scanners, advances, and decline, bulk and block transaction, and EOD report. 

#2. INFINI Power Software

It’s simple, powerful, and intuitive and can offer you the best access to trading Software. Using this product you can trade in NSE, BSE as well as MCX. 

You also get access to the business news, world market data, commodity market data, as well as trading tips. You also get excel integration that will help you write your market strategy. 

It facilitates quick buying and selling, convenient way of modifying the order and canceling the same. You get access to MF and IPO.

Also, enabling you to online tracking of limits, withdrawal and can also track funds added. 

#3. TradePlus Mobile App

A mobile application to help you access the features, and offer you with on-screen trading and analytics dashboard. It is well-aligned with NSE, BSE as well as MCX. 

It’s intuitive in nature and simple to execute the steps involved in trading. You also get on-screen trading to help you keep track of your investments and analyze the dashboard. 

You also get global search options that market securities nicely. You also get a live scanner, quick buying, selling, editing, and canceling order features under this application. 

And can also sell depository stock in one touch and place cover order with the market and limit price. And it has two offerings as well-

#3.1 One Touch Back Office Access

When you choose this option, you get access to the instant back office and get to see what’s important. You also get access to your profile view, ledger balances, statements regularly needed, DP holding, DP bills, accrued interest (if any), and open positions.

#3.2 Instant Fund Transfer

You get full advantage of mobile banking and can make fast payments in a short period. At this platform, over 23 banks are registered to help you transfer funds and make instant transactions and make payments faster. 

#3.3 Blog Article

You can get access to blog articles that will help you learn about the market, give free viewing reports, and also allow you to share comments on social media. Read Breach blog articles on market events and rule the investment era in the glory of knowledge.

#3.4 Instant Customer Support

Gone are those days when you have to type emails to get your problems resolved. Now you can get access to solutions just by calling and getting desired answers for yourself. 

#3.5 SMP experience 

You can have access to the base packs all by accessing the SMP on mobile. You can also get fund transfer and track rewards earned on every referral done by you. Which will also help you view and modify TPIN for call and trade.


The NOW application is a platform intact with safety and security, offering you trading solutions w.r.t to NSE and BSE. It’s not only trustworthy but also provides you with an NSE server. 

So, investors and Traders can be benefited from NOW and trade without facing any discomfort while trading in equity, future, and option as well as currency. 

Trade Plus Customer Rating

With TradePlus online it’s very easy to understand the services offered right from Fees, Brokerage, usability, and customer service.

Customer Service3.5/5

Office / Branches in India

Corporate Office: 

Ganga Griha’ 4th & 5 th Floor, No.9 (old No. 6D), 

Nungambakkam High Road, Nungambakkam, 

Chennai – 600034

Advantages/pro & Disadvantages/Cons


The Advantages of trading with TradePlus is as follows:

1. Get High Margin on shares when you trade with this broker as it makes things possible. 

2. You don’t need to pay any brokerage as this broker does not charge any brokerage.

3. Direct mutual fund investment is also potential with this broker. 

4. You can also do with the derivative trading when you opt for this broker.     

5. Place orders in 1.5 margin or 65X leverage for placing cover and bracket order.

6. Get equity delivery at zero brokerage.

7. At Rs. 99, you can trade unlimited in share market.


If we talk about the disadvantages of this broker here is the list of limitations that TradePlus has-

1. TradePlus has hidden charges, which makes it costlier to another discount broker. The INFINI trading plan is Rs. 99 per month.  

2. You are supposed to pay the broker for using the trading software every month. 

3. It also charges a monthly fee of Rs. 1000 for performing call and trade. 

4. You need to pay Rs. 75 per day, if you don’t wish to sign up for any package with the broker.

5. Even trade confirmation is charged via SMS at Rs. 99 per segment per month.

6. It acts as a traditional broker that charges customers per transaction basis. So it’s not a fixed price broker with TradePlus; you need to pay for every sale or purchase you perform.

7. You need to pay Rs.90 AMC for Demat account, which is not chargeable with other brokers.

How to open Trade Plus Demat and Trading account

When you open a DEMAT account, you need to go through these prerequisites. So let’s learn about these basics in detail.

Opening an account with this broker, you need to know what the options you can spend on are. 

Investing in the stock market, IPO, mutual fund, G-sec, and bonds are the options where an investor can plan about investing.

There are two broad schemes which can be availed by the investor, and that includes- 

1. Life Time AMC 

If you avail of this scheme, individual resident clients can get FREE AMC, especially if you are a local client. You can avail of this benefit for ten long years after making a payment of Rs. 900. 

2. Investor

If you choose this option, you need to pay Rs. 90 AMC per year. For a non-resident client its Rs. 1000/ year. For customers, not opening a trading account with TradePlus Online is Rs. 1000 per year. 

And if a customer needs to open a Trading account, it needs to pay Rs. 199, while there is no AMC charge on the trading account. While there is no charge on the DEMAT account but there is a charge of Rs.500 payable for five years on TradePlus AMC. 

Contact Support customer care

Reasons to open an account with Trade Plus

  • It’s a broker offering the lowest refundable trading plan of Rs. 99 per month in various categories- equity, options, currency as well as a commodity.
  • You earn a margin on shares as well as intraday margin up till 33X on cover order.
  • You get NRI trading services as well as eKYC facilities that offer you with services.
  • Also get investment options in bonds, IPO as well as mutual funds.
  • When you invest in the commodity segment, you pay Rs — 400 per crore for trading in MCX.
  • You get add-on services like- free usage of software, tips, knowledge packs to help you with trade plus value-added services. 
  • You get access to Paytm integration, cashback, technical alerts via trade plus alerts.

Trade Plus Scheme/Plans

Tradeplus brokerage plan includes two types of plans that speak about various brokerage applicable to the investor for trading with TradePlus.

ChargesPlan 1 (Infinite trading plan)Plan 2 (General trading plan)
Monthly FeeAs per segmentNA
Equity DeliveryFREEFREE
Equity Intraday0.01%0.01%
Equity FutureRs. 799 per month0.01%
Equity OptionRs. 99 per MonthRs. 60 per Lot
Currency FutureRs. 99 per MonthRs. 20 per Lot
Currency OptionRs. 99 per MonthRs. 60 per Lot
Commodity FutureRs. 99 per Month0.01%

Types Of Account 

You get all in one investment account type where there is a combination of trading and Demat. Here you can invest in various investment options like- stocks, bonds, IPO as well as mutual funds. 

And you also get to trade in equity derivatives, currency as well as a commodity. 

With TradePlus online you get a trading account, Demat account and a combination account of trading and DEMAT. 

Before planning any sorts of investments in stocks, commodities, currency you should have a trading account.

The trading options available in front of you include- IPO, G-securities, mutual funds, equity, etc. 

For investors that are active in the share market can perform transactions smoothly with these two accounts. List of accounts offered by TradePlus include the following-

  1. Equity Trading account
  2. Commodity Trading Account
  3. Future and options trading account
  4. NRI Demat account 
  5. Foreign national Demat account
  6. Resident Demat account.

Trade Plus NRI account

For opening an NRI Account, the investor needs to pay the NRI Account Opening charges. And you need to pay the account opening fee per account, which amounts to Rs. 2500 + GST of 18%, which amounts to Rs. 450. 

And Lifetime AMC for ten years is payable at the DEMAT account. And Rs. 2500 is payable and 18% GST that amounts to Rs. 650 is applicable to the DEMAT account.

So a total of Rs. 5900 is payable for the NRI opening account.

#1 Brokerage charges Applicable for NRI

ChargesNRE- Equity CashNRO- Equity CashNRO- F&O
Brokerage on volume0.40%0.30%Flat 1499 pm
GST on brokerage @18%0.07%0.05%270
Security Transaction Tax (STT)0.10%0.10%Future Sell- 0.01% on volume and for Future Option- 0.05% of the premium amount and option exercised- 0.125% on the difference between the Strike price and settlement price.
Transaction Charge0.00325%0.00325%Future- 0.0019%
Option- 0.05% on Premium Value
SEBI Transaction charge0.00010%0.00010%0.00010%
Stamp Duty (commodity and currency rates are not applicable for NRI)As per indian address proofAs per indian address proofAs per indian address proof
Clearing Member charges (charged by SCHIL)nilnilOn future its- 0.0075%
On option its- 0.06% on premium value
MTF Account- InterestThis product is not available for NRE (Non Resident External )2% p.m on debit amountNil
Mutual fund InvestmentZeroZeroNA

#2 Benefits of Opening NRI Trading Account with TradePlus

The NRI Trading Account offers you both flat and Flexi brokerage schemes. You also get a trading platform, mobile applications as well as tools that offer you great trading experience. 

And you also get direct mutual fund investment, IPO/bonds, securities, etc. And you also get a trading experience of 60X on stock and 80X on the commodity. 

This broker also provides you with a referral program, reliable financial intermediary, easy account opening as well as client review. 

Trade Plus Online Mutual Fund

  • With direct mutual funds, you don’t need to pay any transaction charge. 
  • All you need to do is invest and earn a return up to 1.5% extra on trading. With this, you save paper and perform paperless transactions, and you can invest via mobile. 
  • You keep the commission earned by the distributor as a result. 
  • You can track your portfolio, purchase as well as redeem orders and allows you to place SIP orders. 
  • You also save 50 to 70% of the expense by investing online. With the help of a mutual fund calculator, you come to know that with an initial investment of Rs.100, a monthly investment of Rs.1000 you save about 9880 if you invest for ten years.

Trade Plus Compare Indian Full-Service Stock Broker

FeaturesTradePlusSharekhanAngel BrokingEdelweiss
Service TypeDiscountFull ServiceFull ServiceFull Service
BrokerageMax. 90.1 to 0.5%Equity 15 |
F&O 30
3 paisa per share in delivery, 1 paisa per share on Intraday and Futures
Equity DeliveryFree0.5% or 50 paisa15/trade (<50k order) | 30/trade (>50k order)0.10%
Equity Intraday0.01% or Rs 9 whichever is lower0.1% or 10 paisa15/trade (<50k order) | 30/trade (>50k order)0.01%
Equity FutureFlat Fee Rs 90.1% or 10 paisaFlat 30 per executed order0.01%
Equity OptionFlat Fee Rs 92.5% of Premium or Rs 250 per lot whichever is high30 per executed order25 per lot
Currency FutureFlat Fee Rs 90.1% or 10 paisa30 per executed order0.01%
Equity commodity0.1% or 10 paisa0.1% or 10 paisa30 per executed order for commodity future and option tradingnil
Currency OptionFlat Fee Rs 92.5% of Premium or Rs 30 per lot whichever is high30 per executed order6 per lot

Trade Plus Compare Indian Discount Stock Broker

FeaturesTradePlus5 PaisaUpstoxZerodha
Service TypeDiscountDiscountDiscountDiscount
BrokerageMax. 9Rs. 10FreeRs. 20
Equity DeliveryFreeFlat Fee Rs 102.5xFree
Equity Intraday0.01% or Rs 9 whichever is lowerFlat Fee Rs 10Regular: 15x | Priority Pack: 20x | Regular CO 20x | Priority Pack CO: 25x0.01% or Rs 20 whichever is lower
Equity FutureFlat Fee Rs 9Flat Fee Rs 10Regular: 4x | Priority Pack: 4x | Regular CO: 4x | Priority Pack CO: 6x0.01% or Rs 20 whichever is lower
Equity OptionFlat Fee Rs 9Flat Fee Rs 10Regular: 4x | Priority Pack: 4x | Regular CO: 4x | Priority Pack CO: 5xFlat Fee Rs 20
Currency FutureFlat Fee Rs 9Flat Fee Rs 10Regular: 4x | Priority Pack: 4x | Regular CO: 4x | Priority Pack CO: 5x0.01% or Rs 20 whichever is lower
commodity0.1% or 10 paisaFlat Fee Rs 10Regular: 2.5x | Priority Pack: 3x | Regular CO: 3x | Priority Pack CO: 4xFlat Fee Rs 20
Currency OptionFlat Fee Rs 9Flat Fee Rs 10Regular: 4x | Priority Pack: 4x | Regular CO: 4x | PriorityFlat Fee Rs 20

Trade Plus Partner, Sub Broker and Franchise in India

By choosing TradePlus, you also earn via referring and make a feature. All you need to do is submit your interest, register as an authorized person.

Then you only need to download the application and rush to a journey that allows you to refer and track.  Having a trade plus partner dashboard, you get access to Add your leads and earn from the same.

You get an income report stating about your drawing, and trade plus wallet displaying your income share. There are THREE PLANS to choose from, and it broadly includes-

Turnover Based

If you have an equity future is Rs.50/crore, whereas the equity option is Rs.1000/crore(premium), while currency future is Rs. 25/crore, currency Options as Rs.500/Crore (Premium) and Commodity Futures – Rs.50 / Crore.

You need to pay a processing fee of Rs. 2360 per segment. For this minimum income eligibility is Rs. 3000 per month and you don’t need to keep any security deposit.

Brokerage Based

You get an optional terminal, optional office requirements, applicable security deposit. Basis, the tariff sheet brokerage, will be charged.

You get to pay a processing fee Rs.2360/- per segment. For this, you need to have a minimum income of Rs.5000 per month.

Referral Plan

In this plan, all you need to do is refer a friend and earn from the referral done. With one reference receive the one-time benefit of being a part of this opportunity and win with trade plus.

Trade Plus Customer Complaints

For the financial year, 2019-20 NSE has a total of clients 9248 out of which only one complaint has been reported so far. While for BSE in the year 2018-19, a total of clients 318 out of which only 1 complain. 


Trade plus offers you with an infinite trading opportunity at fixed monthly fees. And offer zero brokerage trading plan.

You can trade in various options like- commodities, equity, option, Mutual funds, IPO, bonds, G-sec, and currency derivatives. Demat Account service at just 90/year.  

How to Close Demat Account

With TradePlus, you get the benefit of creating two in one account, so no more waiting. All you need to do is, open an account, and get access to trading and DEMAT accounts. 

If you have decided to shift to any other broker or is no longer active in the trading industry, it’s best to close your account, if inactive. 

To prevent your account from being charged with a penalty, charges, or misuse, you should close your account with this broker. Here is a step-by-step guide to close your account with TradePlus. 

1. Ensure all your pending funds and dues are clear with the broker, and there is no outstanding amount to be paid or received by you.

2. All you need to do is transfer or sell the remaining holding with TradePlus.  

3. If there are any unused slips of transactions, you are advised to return the same.

4. You can close your account by sending a physical copy of the downloadable account closure form from the website. Then fill the same, sign it, and send a physical copy to the TradePlus office.

5. As online closure of the account via email, the call is not allowed.  

This broker doesn’t accept account closure via email, call, or online. For multiple account holders, you need to get consent in the form of a signature to close the account. 

Usually, it takes seven days to initiate the process of account closure, and the customer receives a confirmation in 15 days. Just in case the broker doesn’t revert you in the 15 days’ time, contact the broker to receive the current status of your account. 

Trade Plus FAQs

1. What is the kind of account offered by TradePlus?

Ans. With TradePlus you get access to five types of accounts that you can opt when you choose this broker:

  1. Equity Trading Account,
  2. Currency Trading Account,
  3. Commodity Trading Account,
  4. Demat Account and NRI Trading & Demat Account.

2. Can I buy or trade Bonds and NCD with TradePlus Online?

Ans. Yes, you can trade in Bonds and NCD with TradePlus. 

3. Can I trade in BSE in TradePlus Online?

Ans. Yes, an investor can trade in BSE.

4. Does TradePlus Online offer currency derivative trading?

Ans. Yes, TradePlus offers you with Currency derivative trading that helps you trade in derivatives as well.

5. Does TradePlus Online offer customer service through local branch offices?

Ans. No, it has a head office that offers you with customer service at physical office and on-call.

6. How to open an account with TradePlus Online?

Ans. You can open a resident DEMAT account by paying just Rs. 90.

7. How to transfer funds in the TradePlus Online trading account?

Ans. You can easily transfer funds to the trading account by using a bill desk platform.

8. In which stock or commodity exchanges in India I can trade through TradePlus Online?

Ans. You can use the NOW platform that is powered allowing trade in NSE and BSE and is a reliable platform for investors as well as traders.