Swastika Investmart/Investment Review 2019

Also known as Swastika Fin-Lease Ltd, it is a full-service stockbroker, incorporated in 1992. Swastika Investmart is a public/private limited company, situated in Mumbai (registered office is there) and its Administrative office is in Indore.

This well-known full-service broker firm was developed and boost up by Mr. Sunil Nyati in 1992. This broker firm is also a member of Equity, in 2008 this corporate firm got the membership of Currency Derivatives with MCX-SX and NSE. 

In 2009 this firm enrolled with SEBI and begin the services of Portfolio Management. The Swastika Brokerage firm crossed the client base of 20 thousand and got the membership of ICEX and USE in 2010. In 2011, NCDEX Spot Exchange has been added in the company portfolio and finally in 2013 Swastika Investmart Limited turned and well furnished itself with a registered Category, i.e. Merchant Banker, with none other than SEBI. 


Swastika Investmart is a popular company in this stockbroking and financial market. This Full-Service Broker firm provides services like Demat and Trading Account Services. Furthermore, it deals with many other services like 



Depository Services 

Merchant banking 


Mutual Funds 

Recently, Swastika Investmart comes up with a new offer like a discount trading arm, which is known as Trading Bells. 


Let’s have a look at the Customer RATINGS of SWASTIKA INVESTMART

Customer Ratings On Swastika Investmart

  1. Experience                         ★★★★★★★☆☆☆            10/7
  2. Brokerage Fees & Charges ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆           10/6
  3. Product and Services             ★★★★★★★☆☆☆            10/7
  4. Trading Platforms             ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆            10/6
  5. Overall Ratings             ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆            10/6
  6. Star Ratings                         ★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆            10/5


Now let’s have a quick view of some trading applications offered by this renowned full-service stockbroker. It helps you to get a good overview and in-depth knowledge of the applications with the help of the expert broker executives before going to open the Demat account. 


To make your work easy, there is an online software of Swastika Investment which helps you and it’s every user to tally the trading effectively and through their tablets and desktops or laptops. Therefore, users can easily open the trading links in any web browser and use that for trading without any interruption.


To provide a user-friendly access Swastika Investmart has launched an ODIN Platform for Laptop and Desktop. Users can easily download that from the Apple Store or Google Store. ODIN is an innovative and user-friendly platform which clarify the trading in multiple segments and exchanges, including risk management system. 

This platform helps you to visualize order management and market feed, also it provides decision support tools such as a chart, brokerage calculator, pivot point watch, condition generator, etc. 

This platform also helps you to get instant alerts and helps you to get the update of multiple product categories like delivery trading, intraday trading, cover order, bracket order, and margin trade funding. 

Swastika Investmart which is also known as Swastika Investmart also can be accessed from the NSE NOW platform which provides a smooth and easy back-office entry to the clients so that they can easily manage their ledger balance, summary, current holdings, and other transactions. 


Now you can access these trading activities through your smartphone.  The mobile application is now available and it is known as Swastika Mobile Trading. This application is a fast and user-friendly application that keeps you updated with all the investment news.

Like the desktop link, this application also can be used in derivatives, trade in equities, currency and commodities. Furthermore, this app Swastika Mobile Trading can be used to track the utilized margin, net positions, and holdings, order book, etc. 


Being a full-service broker, Swastika Investmart offers very effective customer service as they have an expert brokers team and experienced staff. You can easily get connected with them via phone calls, webchat as live support, emails, and offline by visiting at the branches of Swastika Investment. 

Registered Office Address: 

1st Floor, B & ukwala Building, 

British Hotel Lane, Fort 

Mumbai- 400 001 Corporate Office

48, Jaora Compound, M.Y.H. Road,

Indore – 452 001

Fax. 0731- 6644300

Customer Care Contact Details:

Email: [email protected]

Complaints Or Grievances: [email protected]



If you want to open a Trading Account, Demat Account, Commodity Account with Swastika, you may need to pay some nominal charges for account opening you need to invest Rs. 550, Demat AMC Charges is like Rs. 300, but for Trading AMC charges you don’t need to pay anything, as it charges in ZERO.

Demat ServiceSwastika Investmart
Depository SourceNSDL & CDSL
Account Opening ChargesRs. 550
Demat AMC ChargesRs. 300
Trading AMC ChargesZERO

Brokerage Charges

The brokerage charges of Swastika Investmart is based on percentage, like Equity Delivery Trading 0.15% – 0.35%. Equity Intraday Trading is 0.020% – 0.050%. To clarify, you can follow the chart given below to get the best and crystal-clear idea about the brokerage charges. 

Brokerage Charge and FeesSwastika Investmart
Equity Delivery Trading0.15% – 0. 35%
Equity Intraday Trading0.020% – 0.050%
Commodity Options Trading0.020% – 0.050%
Equity Futures Trading0.020% – 0.050%
Equity Options TradingRs. 75 Per lot
Currency Futures Trading0.020% – 0.050%
Currency Options TradingRs. 50 Per lot
Minimum Brokerage% of Transaction
Brokerage CalculatorSwastika Investmart Brokerage Calculator


Don’t worry, there are no hidden charges, it is also important charges which users must know about that. Swastika Investmart has 0.00315% of total turn overcharges which is known as transaction charges. 

There are also STT charges, that are also applicable to 0.0126% of Total Turnover. Don’t forget about SEBI turnover charges which are 0.0002% of Total Turnover. There are a nominal Stamp Duty charges too, but that depends on the State, and last but not the least, the GST, which is 18% of (Brokerage + Transaction Charges).

Other Important ChargesSwastika Investmart
Transaction Charges0.00315% of total turnover.
STT charges0.0126% of Total Turnover
SEBI turnover charges0.0002% of Total Turnover
Stamp Dutydepends on the State
GST18% of (Brokerage + Transaction Charges).


It’s too simple, open your account in 3 simple steps.

Step 1: EKYC

Within 15 minutes, you can complete your online application, no need to submit any papers, it’s paperless. 

You just need to have Aadhar Card and make sure it’s linked with the mobile number. 

Make sure to have these following documents while feeling the online application, such as:

1. 2 recent passport photographs. 

2. Self-attested Pan Card copy

3. Copy of Self-attested Address proof. 

4. Bank Account Statement of last 6 months and one cancelation cheque

5. A cheque for Margin Deposit.

Step 2: Charges for Account Opening

You need to pay the opening charging while creating an account in Swastika Investment Private Limited. Visit this link to open an account Click Here

You need to pay a one-time charge i.e. 750 /- (including all taxes) for Commodity + Equity. 

The above-mentioned charges include the FREE AMC for the lifetime. 

Step 3: Person Verification

This is the final step to create an account, you will be invited for a video chat to complete the last and final stage. During the verification please carry all the necessary documents. 


To understand the margin segment, you need to check out the chart given below. 

Let’s make this Margin more prominent to you: 
Exposure / LeverageSwastika Investmart
Equity DeliveryUp to 2x
Equity IntradayUp to 6x
Equity FuturesUp to 5x
Equity OptionsUp to 5x
Currency FuturesUp to 5x
Currency OptionsUp to 5x
CommoditiesUp to 2x

For f&O( Future and Option):

Carry forward4.8x93568.12
Cover Order & Bracket Order100.0x4516.0

For MCX Commodity:

MCX Commodity
Carry forward25.0x5560.00
Cover Order & Bracket Order250.0x556.00


This is actually a lower minimum investment with amazing professional fund management. Swastika Investment ensures a wide array of funds depending on investor goals as well as preferences. In addition, tax planning for the client is also initiated. 

Yes, it is transparent and clear. Above all, it is well regulated. A Mutual Fund is a body corporate that pools the reserve funds of various speculators and puts the equivalent in a wide range of money related instruments, or protections. Indeed, the speculation destinations of a Mutual reserve determines the class of protections.

Also, a Mutual Fund can put resources into. Shared Funds put resources into different resource classes like value, securities, debentures, and business paper and government protections.


Commodity market offers in excess of forty wares crosswise over different sections, for example, Bullion, Metals, Vitality, and various agro-wares on its stage. Actually, the MCX Exchange is the world’s biggest trade in Silver and Gold, and the second biggest is none other than in Natural Gas. 

Finally, the third biggest in Crude Oil as for the quantity of fates contracts exchanged. Swastika Investment provides its supreme service in the field of the commodity that other organizations are never near swastika Investment.


If you are registered with the following and other 8 banks, you can easily transfer funds to your trading account. Instantly you can transfer your fund with Rupees 8 plus taxes per transfer from the online gateway platform.  

Through IMPS you can transfer online through net banking and you can take a screenshot of the confirmation page. It usually takes around 20-30 minutes during market hours with Rupees 2 plus taxes per transfer. 

NEFT/ RTGS similarly takes 2-4 hours with the same taxes for IMPS. You can log in to your trading account and can transfer using the transfer option below the menu with rupees 8 plus taxes per transfer instantly.  You can also use a check from any bank to transfer funds free of charges, which takes 3 to 5 working days.

1.       Axis Bank

2.       City Union Bank

3.       Deutsche Bank

4.       Federal Bank

5.       HDFC Bank

6.       ICICI Bank

7.       IDBI Bank

8.       Indian Bank

9.       IndusInd Bank

10.     J&K Bank

11.   Karnataka Bank Ltd

12.   Karur Vysya bank

13.   Kotak Mahindra Bank

14.   Lakshmi Vilas Bank

15.   Yes Bank

16.   State Bank Of India

17.   Catholic Syrian Bank

18.   Dhanlaxmi Bank

19.   Indian Overseas Bank

20.   Saraswat Bank

21.   Tamilnad Mercantile Bank Ltd

Equity Service

The bait of enormous cash has constantly guided financial specialists to the securities exchanges. In fact, making cash isn’t a simple and easy one. Indeed, it does not just require a ton of tolerance and order, yet in addition, a lot of research and a sound comprehension of the market is obviously necessary. 

Hence, the ongoing unpredictability in the market has made a ton of disarray and anxiety in the speculator network, there is a predicament of what to purchase, sell or hold and when to make the move. You know what? 

The Swastika Investment trading company is here to assist and guide you. In fact, this awesome trading agency investigates the market with very talented and professional staff and examine the situation. Yes, this trading agency assists all arrangement and customized administrations for you.

Depository Service By Swastika Investment

This is, in fact, a safe, fast and convenient service by Swastika Investment. In addition, the greater advantages of this service are that it ensures risk-free delivery. Again, you can get instant disbursement bonuses. 

Yes, right issue and other benefits you can easily avail of this service. Demat administrations give answers for issues looked by financial specialists while managing protections. A DP record is fundamental for every single member in the securities exchange since it is sheltered and quick intends to exchange and put resources into the protections showcase.

Swastika Investment Merchant Banking

Swastika Investmart is one of the very few listed companies which are enlisted in Merchant Banking Services. You know what? This Swastika Trading Company is a SEBI registered Category-I Merchant Banker. In addition, Swastika Investment has a committed group of Merchant Banking Professionals endeavoring administrations and complete fulfillment support to our customers. 

In fact, Swastika Trading Company undertakes continuous incorporate IPO for SMEs in divisions of Agrotech, Education and Power Sector. Yes, Swastika Trading Company likewise right now is giving Debt Syndication to organizations engaged with Sugar, Organic and Chemical Industries. With the experience picked up, Swastika Investment is prepared to serve every one of the divisions of the business.

Premium Client Servicing By Swastika Investment

This is, in fact, another enthralling service provided by this amazing firm. This is actually a client group investment management service. Anyone who likes to invest at least Rupees 25 lacs in the equity market or even high will facilitate such service. This is a long period of investment. Swastika Platinum PCG service and Swastika Gold PCG services are the subcategories under this service.

Loan And Margin Funding

You can avail of easy loans from Swastika Trading Company against shares and commodities. Amazingly the interest for the loan is relatively low.  You can also get Margin funding from the Swastika Trading Company. Smart Study Loan is also very convenient offered by Swastika Investment. Loan against property is also a very lucrative offer by this giant online trading.

Expert Team With Greater Research

The supporting team is not only dedicated and enthusiastic, they are but also learned and professional. With their expert knowledge and vast experience, they are ready to assist you whenever you need them. 

You know what? In every review, it is always clear that the team is very professional and expert that no client ever raise any question against it, rather everyone is happy with the expert’s skill and knowledge. This giant organization takes all the possible steps to conduct research in the financial market. In fact, such high standard researches are always conducted by the team of high expert.


Swastika Investment is a trusted trading agency. Swastika Online wins the trust of every client. Don’t you believe it? Go to ten people and ask for Swastika Online, you will get your answer obviously. 

Actually, the higher percentages have trust in Swastika Investmart. This is the reason this investment organization becomes a gigantic one in a very short time with its lots of branches all over India. Furthermore, the training provided by this organization ranks this organization on top.

Top-Rated Advantages Of Swastika Investment

Transparent And Comprehensive Service By Swastika Investment

Each of the clients gets a unique service by Swastika Investmart Limited which is none other than being assigned with the relationship manager. The relationship manager is, in fact, a very experienced and with up to date knowledge who assist the clients during investment.

Thus a client becomes most cases successful in reaching the target goal. Again the service to transfer funds is hassle-free and instant. These amazing positive facilities are always appreciated by the clients. After all, Swastika online offers the lowest brokerage charges in India with awesome transparent and comprehension service.

Unique And Promising Research Report By Swastika Investment

The expert team members of Swastika Investmart Limited prepare a research report. The clients get the report to understand the market position very well with such reports and can easily understand which category the client may invest to get a greater profit. Hence, this magnificent report actually attracts all the clients.

Amazing E-Services And Technological Support By Swastika Investmart Limited

Swastika Investment offers online services like eKYC, e-Contact Inquiry, e-Contact Commodity which in fact is a pillar of easy facilitation. In addition, technological support is also praiseworthy. Software for Mobile and PC and Back Office software makes trading very smooth and easy. After all, the IT team is also very up to date.

Swastika Investment Brokerage Calculator is also amazing and easy to calculate. You will not find a single client who is unhappy with the Swastika Investmart Limited Brokerage Calculator.

Top Pros &  Cons Of Swastika Investment

1. Lowest Brokerage Charges In India1. Customer Service though is satisfactory, Swastika Online Trading Company Needs to improve this sector as most of the clients suggested.
2. Swastika Online provides easy and smooth fund transfer2. Though Swastika Investmart focuses on online technology, still there are few lacking in this field which is needed to improve.
3. Lower Charges compared to other brokerages In India
4. Net Profit and Revenue Growth of Swastika Trading Company is magnificent
5. Enthralling five years of EPS Growth
6. Swastika Trading Company has Professional And Learned Staff Support
7. Swastika Trading Company ensures a great Back Office Transformation
8. It’s easy to open account with Swastika Online
9. Swastika online is a great trading platform