Stoxkart best Review
Stoxkart Review

1. Introduction StoxKart Review

Being one of the most expeditiously growing financial brokerage house, StoxKart India has the sole motto to make trading, not only more accessible but also affordable. Stoxkart Powerd by SMC Global Group.

It aims in going past the hindrances that are often faced by traders and investors in India when it comes to technology, support, and cost.

In this review, I will go through all StoxKart offerings and plans in detail.

Backed up by a talented team of market experts, engineers, and tech geeks, StoxKart brings forth one of the best trading experiences for its customers at zero cost.

A team of highly experienced professionals, hailing from solid financial backgrounds, coupled with a dedicated support team, enables Stoxkart to provide you with the best-in-class facilities.

It’s Market Expertise, New-age technology, zero brokerage advantages, coupled with an exceptional trading platform, with the belief of empowering investors and traders.

This is achieved with the aid of the immense knowledge and experience in the financial markets.

With a concrete foundation of a strong understanding of precise customer needs, the exceptionally skilled professionals at Stoxkart, not only cater to their demands but also effectively solve their problems.

The Driving Fuel!

At Stox Squad – as it is unanimously called, the diligent professionals firmly believe in achieving an unsurpassable quality of teamwork which further enables them to determine the end quality of the product.

People are toiling behind the scenes, having a strong faith in the integrity, passion, trust, relationship, and innovation.

These are the traits which form the unbreakable pillars of Stoxkart.

2. StoxKart Reviews – Your One-Stop Wealth Solution!

Gone are the days when you required a lot of money to start your investments. With the advancement of technology and new investment strategies, it is now possible to find mutual funds online that are best suited for your needs.

Furthermore, you can now start your investment with as low as 500 rupees! Follow the steps below to start investing today:

  • Choose from the best – At Stoxkart you can find a list of recommended schemes which are the best in category
  • Your money and account is safe and secured with Stoxkart – Now invest your desired amount of money with the high-end bank-grade secure platform
  • Complete your KYC – Get hassle-free transactions with zero paperwork. It’s 100% online
  • Link your account – You need to link your bank account, and according to your convenience, you choose the amount for your SIP investment
  • Track your progress – Now you also get to control all your investments and track its progress
  • Zero fess – Since Stoxkart is entirely online with no paperwork, there is no fee!
stoxkart review and rating
stoxkart review and rating

3. Discount Broker vs. Full-Service Broker – Know the Difference

If you are a novice in the field of investing, then before you start your trading, it is crucially imperative for you to know the difference between a discount broker and a full-service broker.

When it comes to choosing the best broker, a little guidance for trade execution and educational platforms aid tremendously in providing the right direction in your investment journey.

A broker, in simple terms, is an agent between the market and the market participants

Whenever you carry out a transaction, be it selling or buying, you would need an intervention of a broker.

The broking entity must be a registered member of exchanges regulated by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI).

This brokerage is categorized into Full-service brokers and Discount brokers. You need to understand the difference between them in pursuance of benefitting the most from your investments in the long run.

  • Full-service brokers: Also known as Traditional brokers, they provide trading as well as advisory facilities for their clients in numerous commodities, stocks, and currencies.
  • These kinds of brokers operate from a plethora of physical offices and branches spread across the nation, which are open for clients, should they have any query.
  • They charge commission in terms of the percentage of the total amount of trade that is executed by their clients.
  • Discount brokers: With the massive popularity of the Internet, the Discount brokers came into existence. They only provide the clients with a glitch-free platform for investing but do not provide any advisory service.
  • Their brokerage is also on the lower side when compared to the Full-service brokers.
  • Therefore, offering a plethora of trading experiences in equity, currencies, derivatives, and commodities, Stoxkart has come up to be one of the most preferred discount brokers in India.
  • Even though they are relatively new in the field, the highly efficient and skilled discount brokers are giving a cut-throat competition to the traditional brokers who are the old players in the industry.

4. Reviewing StoxKart Trading Platforms

Gaining a firm ground in its niche industry, Stoxkart provides one of the most progressive trading platforms. Also utilizing the numerous advancements in technology, Stoxkart India has its services spread across all the favorable platforms and devices that are most extensively used by traders and investors.

This has aided them in providing unprejudiced services with their advanced trading platforms in the following manner:

Mobile trading application:

mobile application Stoxkart
Stoxkart mobile Pro Classic application Platform

Stoxkart Pro Classic Mobile application: Whether you are an Android user or an iOS fanatic, with Stoxkart pro Classic mobile trading application, you can now trade seamlessly on the go!

Enjoy an impeccable user-experience with this mobile application, which is not only smooth on your fingertips but also significantly light for your mobile device. Note its key features:

Access mutual funds seamlessly online

  • Thematic investments
  • Searching for essential options now made more comfortable with single-hand navigation
  • Multiple analysts research-based recommendation
  • Goal-based investment decisions

Browser trading platform:

Stoxkart Browser trading platform
Browser trading platform

If you are a serious trader and are usually actively involved in the stock market, then Stoxkart’s browser trading platform would be your best suite.

Experience impeccable trading on this robust platform, which not only functions at an impressive pace but is also highly secure.

The key features are as follows:

  • Access mutual funds online
  • Real-time market updates
  • Less resource-extensive desktop tool
  • Advanced chart facility
  • Numerous shortcut keys
  • Portfolio tracker

Desktop trading application:

Stoxkart Desktop trading application
Stoxkart Desktop trading application

Whether you are only your laptop or your PC, Stoxkart’s trending cutting-edge desktop trading platform is all you need to carry out your trading in the most effortless manner.

Also being fast, user-friendly, and easily accessible, this trading application keeps you abreast with the latest updates which are based on real-time streaming quotes, comprehensive order entry, advance charts, research and advisory support, and a lot more. Take a look at its key features below:

  • Now get portfolio tracker with a portfolio health check-up
  • Trade faster with Hotkey function
  • Market screeners and analytics
  • Access mutual funds online
  • Thematic investments
  • Navigate to important options with Single hand navigation

Product & Services

  • stoxkart margin calculator
  • stoxkart brokerage calculator

5. Access Mutual Funds Online with StoxMF

It is only apparent to feel overwhelmed by the gigantic world of the stock market and the brisk pace at which it fluctuates every second.

Whether you are a novice or a seasoned veteran in the field of investing, Stoxkart has come up with the best possible assistance, in pursuance of completing your investment portfolio in the best online mutual funds that are aptly suited for your financial goals.

Irrespective of how much we earn, we all want to make our family’s future secure financially, and this is where StoxMF comes to your assistance.

At StoxMF, even if you start with smaller investments, you can still manage to build wealth over time to be financially secure.

Go ahead and take a look at its key features to understand the benefits of StoxMF:

  • Access your Mutual Funds and Stock Market from a single platform and invest in them securely
  • Paper-less and hassle-free transaction
  • Get mutual fund units directly in your Demat account
  • Get a recommendation for mutual fund according to your requirement
  • Create an online mandate for Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)
  • Complete wealth solution
  • SMC Portfolio Health Check-up to guide you on mutual fund holdings
  • Secure transaction
  • Low risk
  • Tax savings

6. How to Open an Account on StoxKart?

Contect Stoxkart

With Stoxkart india, you can choose to open your account either online or offline according to your preference. Moreover, irrespective of which mode you choose, opening an account for trading has never been easier!

If you are opting to open an online account, then you need to furnish your Aadhar card.

On the other hand, if you have opted for offline account opening, then your Aadhar is not mandatory.

Simply Click Contact Us, scroll down to the Stoxkart account opening form (Sign-up) and fill in the necessary details to arrange a callback regarding your signup for account opening.

Furthermore, you need to provide the following details for a signup callback:

  • Name
  • e-mail address
  • Mobile number

Fill the information then login.

Documents Required for Account Opening

Irrespective of whether you have opted for online or offline mode of opening your trading account, it is necessary for you to keep the following documents handy in pursuance of experiencing a seamless process at Stoxkart:

  • Pan card
  • Aadhar card
  • Bank statement of last 3 months (for F&O section) – (Optional)
  • Scanned signature
  • Passport size photograph

7.Pricing and Charges

Stoxkart charges tries its best to keep the details of all its charges transparent. When you decide to open a trading account with Stoxkart, these are the following charges which you will be required to pay:

  • Delivery brokerage – Rs. 0(free)
  • Intraday, derivates, commodity, and currency brokerage – Rs. 15 per order (When you earn a profit)
  • Account opening charges: Rs. 6Free
  • Commodity – Rs. 200 + GST
  • Equity &Currency – Rs. 300 + GST
  • Account maintenance charges (AMC-yearly) – Rs. 300/-
  • Call and trade charges – Rs. 20 per order placed
  • Mutual Fund investments – Free

8. StoxKart Account Opening Charges

Equity Account Opening Charges             :: Rs. 500/-( Refundable)
Commodity Account Opening Charges    :: Rs. 0 free
Currency Account Opening Charges        :: Rs. 0 free
Account Maintenance Charges (AMC)      :: Rs. 300/-(Yearly)

Currently Offer: Open Free Demat account with Stoxkart

Use Promo code : STXFREE

9. Reviewing StoxKart Brokerage Charges:

The intraday brokerage (Flat charges) at Stoxkart is Rs. 15/- per intraday order. You need to pay this amount only when you earn a profit, not otherwise.

On the other hand, the delivery brokerage, as well as the mutual fund investments, is provided to you at an absolute Zero cost value!

Take a look at the detailed specification of charges at Stoxkart below:

Brokerage Type Flat Brokerage
Trading & Demat A/C Opening Charge ₹ 354
Commodity A/C Opening Charge ₹ 236
Equity Intraday Brokerage ₹15/- FLAT per executed order
Equity Delivery Brokerage Zero Rupee
Equity Option Brokerage ₹15/- FLAT per executed order
Equity Future Brokerage ₹15/- FLAT per executed order
Currency Option Brokerage ₹15/- FLAT per executed order
Currency Futures Brokerage ₹15/- FLAT per executed order
Commodity Options Brokerage ₹15/- FLAT per executed order
Commodity Futures Brokerage ₹15/- FLAT per executed order
DP Transaction Charge ₹ 15.5/- per scrip
Segment Supported BSE, MCX, NSE
AMC Charge (Yearly) ₹ 300
Tips & Research Yes
Services Commodity Trading, Currency Trading, Derivatives Trading, Equity Trading, Mutual Fund
Offline Order Placing Charge ₹ 20

9. Advantages & Disadvantages of Trading with StoxKart

Pros Cons
✅ You only pay brokerage when you earn profit ❤ Did not have an advanced trading platform
✅ Zero brokerage and free delivery  
✅ Award winning research services by SMC  
✅ Intraday exposure up to 25 times  
✅ Instant a/c open with Stoxkart e-KYC  
✅ Get Robo-advisory with Stoxkart Pro application  
✅ Toll-free number with a dedicated support desk  

10. Stoxkart Margin / Exposure / Limit

Stoxkart margin Details

Exposure / Margin
.   Delivery margin = 2 Time
.   Intraday margin = 25 Time (CO/BO)
·   Future margin = 2.5 Time
·   Option  buy margin = 7 time
·   Option  sell margin  = 2 time
Why stoxkart ?
100 % digital Account opening
30k Gift vouchers on account opening
Powerd by SMC Global Group
All in 1 Account for seamless trading
Proper Guidance provided 
open trading account with Stoxkart
open trading account with Stoxkart

In a Nutshell

Stoxkart review! Above all, you have the privilege to get your trading tools customized according to your requirement, which would, in turn, prove to be beneficial to choose a broker as per your needs

The dedicated team of young skillful professionals always strives hard to help you to find the most befitting brokers after analyzing your investment requirements to make your journey both exciting as well as profitable.

Open Stoxkar Demat Account

Stoxkart India comparison Other Broker

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