About 3rd Largest Sharekhan Stock Broker 


Sharekhan was established in February 2000 and was found by Shripal Morakhia, this business has its headquarter in Mumbai. Today it ranks 3rd in retail broking firm when compared with ICICI direct and HDFC securities. 

Sharekhan helps you initiate a loan against a share, trade, as well as stock market, invest the Mutual funds for your business growth, wealth management, etc. This company offers financial products as well as services like- shares/stocks, mutual funds, security, depository, market/company research, etc.  

Also, you can invest in stock equity cash, commodity, currency, options, future like- IPO- initial public offering, ESOP-employee stock option plan, and wealth management.

Furthermore, Sharekhan.com free stock market online seminars and offline workshops to trader and investors.

The company has its office in 575 cities and has employees over 48000. Before you invest it’s important to understand the brokerage charges you will be applicable to pay to the broker when you decide to perform the following task. 

It also offers services like depository service as well as gives you an opportunity to invest in mutual funds, long term stock invest and initial public offering formally known as IPO.

Sharekhan has best stock market research

They provide own high-performance teams which Daily post stock tips, commodity market tips, company fundamental analysis, stock investment advice, annually/quarterly company results, analysis, market conditions and market news our customer through email, SMS. 

Brokerage structure is easy to understand as it also provides you with live data tracker.

This stockbroker has its presence in UAE and Oman. Furthermore, Sharekhan provided High margin/exposure Sharekhan Demat Account / Trading Account with registered depository service NSDL and CDSL.

You can trade for Sharekhan through trading applications like- Sharekhan Trade tiger, sharekhanMini, Sharekhan website, application(ShareMobile) and low bandwidth application.

Its user interface is interactive and designed in such a manner that it keeps the investor active on the platform. 

Therefore, with these applications or platforms, you can now initiate a trade, manage the stock portfolio and keep track of your shares in one place.

For those of you who are confused about which platforms to look while trading, here are a few options for you.

Trading platform Review Offered by Sharekhan

Sharekhan stockbroker provided Different trading platforms for different devices and browsers. Firstly Sharekhan’s stockbroker offers you with e-trading software like– trade tiger, Sharekhan application, Sharekhan website and a low limit application that uses less data and is an application named- Sharekhan mini.

Using these platforms as per your custom requirement you can earn the best out of it. 

Share khan can help you with trading be it in equity, commodity, currency and investment in IPO as well as F&O. So that the customer needs can be taken care and custom solutions can be delivered to you by broker. 

As a result, you can trade in currency, a commodity as well as equity. Using this platform is not chargeable but brokerage is applicable for the amount of share purchased.

Furthermore, Sharekhan offers you with a Demat and trading account where you –the investor is registered with CDS and NSD as a DP- Depository Participant. 

Trade Tiger

This is Sharekhan Desktop/PC based Trading Terminal developed by Sharekhan’s own team so well, many investors prefer the Sharekhan website for trading and investing. 

You can see random traders trading in share market and are performing transaction like a pro of the stock market.

Using Sharekhan Trade Tiger you can also track the data live and avail benefits offered by some built-in tools of this application. 

Whereas when you use the “Share Mobile” platform o this broker you can perform trading through the mobile application. So, any mobile user can use this application.  

So you can never excuse yourself with models be it you have an iPhone, Android, iPad, blackberry, etc.

Joining this broker will help you take the right advice. Let’s learn more about the services or products it offers at Sharekhan. 

Different many best features of TradeTiger for example :

Single platform trading in multiple segments and multiple exchange (NSE-BSE-MCX-NCDEX , Equity cash, F&O, Currency, Commodity) || 15  banks for online fund transfer facility ( UPI, Net banking, Direct bank transfer) ||

Multiple Market Watch open in one time || advanced trading option & analytical tools(excel and heatmap) || customize your stock charts, layout ||

Furthermore, Provide best screener functions( 52 weeks high low, top gainer loser, etc.) || free traditional broker terminal || 100+ indicator RSI,MACD, Band- Bollinger || Available different tools Brokerage calculator, margin calculator, Option Premium Calculator 

Sharekhan Web Trading Platform :

Features of  Sharekhan Web Trading Platform: Its Trading platform used investors can buy and sell stock livestock market timing.

Simple automatic funds transfer along with Online trading Account opening just 5 minutes || (AMO)Aftermarket order facility ||

3 in 1 Account facility available (Online trading + Bank + Demat account) || Trade Confirmations by e-mail or SMS ||provide  loan against share ||

Sharekhan Mobile App Trading Platform: 

Note:- All Features include TradeTiger

Sharekhan Mini:

Sharekhan Mini  is Low Bandwidth Web Trading Platform, a website  can access on normal 2G network smartphone

Brokerage Account Charges / Fee by Sharekhan

Sharekhan Account Opening Charges:

Demat Account Opening Charges: Free Rs.0 

Trading Account Opening Charges:  Free Rs.0  

Demat Account Maintenance Charges AMC: Rs.400 per year (1st year free)

Trading Annual maintenance charges AMC: Free Rs.0

Sharekhan Brokerage charges:

Charges for Securities at Sharekhan for the Year – 2019

Intra-day Players

For those who love to trade shares at the intraday schedule, you can invest in shares. If your share is priced Rs. 50 or less. All you need to pay is the minimum brokerage worth 5 paisa per share and consequently, you are good to start.

Trading in Delivery(cash and carry)

To clarify, if you are trading in delivery ad want to know the rate of brokerage you might have to pay? If share cost Rs.20 or less you will be charged a brokerage fee of 10 paisa per share.

Furthermore, traditional delivery brokerage charges 0.5% buy & and 0.5% sell any share.

Minimum DP charges

For depository participant, if you sold 3200 or fewer shares you get eligible to pay a DP charge worth Rs.16.

Classic account Brokerage charges list

Particulars SegmentBrokerage Charges  
Equity Cash Intraday Trades0.10% on the buy side & sell side no charges
Equity Cash Delivery Trades0.50% or minimum 10 paisa per share whichever is higher
Future Trading Brokerage 0.10% on the first leg and 0.10% if squared off on any other day
Option Trading Brokerage 2.5% or 100 per Lot on premium (whichever is higher)
Commodity Trading0.10%.
Currency Future Charges0.10%.
Currency Options Charges 2.50% or 30 per lot on premium(whichever is higher).

Brokerage Comparison of Discount and Full Time Service Broker

BrokerSharekhanZehrodha5 Paisa
Service TypeFull service brokerDiscount BrokerDiscount Broker
Brokerage Rate Offered0.1% to 0.5%Rs. 20Rs. 10
Account Type2 in 13 in 12 in 1
Equity delivery0.5%FreeFlat fee worth Rs.10
Equity intraday0.1%0.01% or Rs. 20 whichever is lessFlat fee worth Rs.10
Equity Future0.1%0.01% or Rs. 20 whichever is lessFlat fee worth Rs.10
Commodity0.1%Flat Fee Rs.20Flat fee Rs.10
Commodity Future0.1%0.01% or Rs. 20 whichever is lessFlat fee Rs.10
Commodity Option2.5% of premium or Rs. 30/lot, whichever is highFlat Fee Rs.20Flat fee Rs.10

Products & Services offered by Sharekhan

Investing has never been easy for newbie as it becomes with Sharekhan. It’s officially recognized by NSE- national stock exchange, BSE- Bombay stock exchange, MCX-SX- Multi commodity exchange stock exchange, MCX- Multi Commodity Exchange and NCDEX- national commodity derivative exchange.

Furthermore, signing up with Sharekhan you can get the following services that are trade friendly and can be opted, if interested. Get your fund invested for returns or get Share khan’s Assistance in the following things:

  • Advisory Services
  • Portfolio Management Services
  • Commodity Market
  • Equity market
  • Derivative market
  • Currency segment
  •  IPO- Initial public offerings of the company
  • Mutual funds SIP(Systematic investment plans)
  • Private and government Bonds investment
  • Demat Account Service
  • Trading Account Service
  • Depository Services
  • Research Reports
  • Customer Support Service
  • NRI Account Services
  • Online webinar Service
  • Offline  Workshop Service

You might be thinking how?

It’s because of their team research market and based on the research outcome it delivers you with – stock tips, investment advice, and analysis of the market report on a quarterly basis so that you don’t miss out on new trends found in the market.

For subscribed members Sharekhan.com sends emails, SMS, as well as updates, are displayed on the website to help everyone learn the best.

If you follow the advice given by the Sharekhan website you will observe that it’s very helpful for investors planning to invest in stock as well as the commodity market.

You can expand your learning if you are planning to invest in the future by watching the free learning seminar to learn about the market before investing.

You get a representation on calls to guide you with share trading and you also get access to more by becoming a part of Sharekhan and open an account with them. 

Let’s learn more about the types of accounts you can open with Sharekhan.

You can do the investment thing for these broad categories. Newbie in this field can learn trading and options offered at Sharekhan by studying the following.

Sharekhan Offers Two Types of Accounts-

#1 Trade Tiger Account

Trade Tiger Account is an account type for active investors, who are keen about investing in the share market.

So for an active user who is a consistent trader of shares on the Sharekhan platform they can open a Trade Tiger Account. As this Demat account comes with some special take-away like-

  • Keep an eye on more market platforms at one single screen.
  • Study of average, KST, MACD, RSI, Band –Bollinger OBV, etc is available in graphical presentation.
  • You can perform multi-exchange trading be it (BSE/NSE/MCX/NCDEX)
  • Using this account you can also customize your HOTKEY or use the already available KEY.
  • It offers you with quick transfer and so this platform has a tie-up with twelve banks.
  • Tools like- Span calculator, Action Watch, Market Summary, Tick Query, Option Premium Calculator andTicker.

#2 Classic Account

Classic Account is for those who wish to get an integrated platform to let you keep an eye on share price and get alerts on the same. You also get notifications for instant cash transfer on purchase or sale of share is available.

You can see DEMAT as well as a digital contract to levy your trust and create a real-time portfolio to track status.

This type of account has a trading platform, a Demat and trading account as well as bank facility. Know what classic account has to offer as a special takeaway if they choose this account type-

  • Trading in equity and derivatives is possible through this trading account.
  • You can reach the broker representative on calls and get valuable advice before investing or taking a buying/selling decision.
  • Enjoy free trade through phone calls and trade confirmation via emails.
  • You are allotted with two numbers to help you place an order via landline or phone.
  • For customers having a bank account in HDFC and Citibank enjoy auto-transfer of funds on this account type.
  • Place your order between 8.00am and 9.30am and is helpful for the cash and derivative market.

Sharekhan Also Offers Special Account for Mutual Funds

Insta MF Account helps you build investor trust and scope of returns. It’s a paperless account all you need to do is find this account type on the Sharekhan platform.

And submit your details with the back end team so that they can help you get started with trading. First get your KYC completed, provide details and then you can successfully create this account.

For opening this account type you need to provide details like-

• PAN Card

• Date of birth

• Aadhaar Card

• Email ID

• Contact Number

• Scanned copy of cheque –colored

• Create login Id/pass

• Register your bank account

• Enter personal details

• Enter other details

• Add a nominee

• You are Ready to Start With the Insta MF account. 

It is specific for trading in mutual funds and is not meant for DEMAT based transactions.

How To Open A Demat Account with Sharekhan:

For opening a Demat account all you need is details to get started with this account type. You need to share details like-

  •  Aadhar Card
  • PAN Card
  • Proof of your income
  • Cancelled cheque for bank proof
  • Applicant signature for authentication.

Get details linked to the mobile phone so that the account can be opened. Visit UIDAI for syncing your details to your account. You need to first get sign up with depository participants for opening a Demat and trading account. 

Submit the aforesaid details to start with your account.

Make sure you enter valid details of PAN and Aadhar as it will let you sign up with a one-time password that is OTP.

One mobile detail is linked to your details it will now verify your bank details, address proof and brokerage plan you must sign up for.

Upload these details along with address proof and ID proof to authenticate your identity.

The last step is the physical verification which will be done by a DP representative who would visit your place to ensure all your details are correct and once that check is done it will open your account. 

But with the change of era now this step is done in the form of video session which is conducted online.

One all things go in your favor, you will be asked to click on the e-sign button to help you receive OTP on your registered mobile phone.

Once you share the correct OTP and type the same you will be signed up and your KYC will be completed.

Hence e-KYC will allow you to now trade in the stock market and assist you with the Sharekhan expert. 

You will be given a unique CLIENT code once your e-KYC is audited and with this code, you can now sign in to your Demat and trading account. Now you can trade your investment and enjoy returns on your share decision.

NRI Demat Account

This account is helpful as it offers you with trading as well as Demat account and saving the account.

NRI can avail the benefit of these accounts for trading in equity as well as investment in derivatives, IPO, mutual fund, NCD or even corporate FDs. 

With Sharekhan you can also manage the portfolio. To clarify, it charges 0.50% as NRI charges for equity trading, 0.1% for Futures and 1st leg and 0.02% on the second leg. A brokerage worth Rs. 250 is charged for options trading.

Benefits of Opening a Demat Account:

Opening a Demat account is like enrolling in vast opportunities wherein you can stock in electronic form and act as a bank account.

Therefore, maintaining requirements without hassle that help you keep a record of transactions you entered in the world of the stock market. 

You can invest in the vast range- it securities- future, stock, option, gold, government or private bond or IPO.

Consequently, with this account, you can track stock performance easily and provide you with an opportunity to invest in the market carefully. 

You can analyze your decision and take wise decisions ahead.  The sound financial decision can only happen when you are provided with a platform that shows the data statistically.

All transactions happening in electronic form can be traced and noted.

Sharekhan Different Brokerage Charges Plan

Pre Paid Plan: 

At Sharekhan you get a pre-paid plan that allows the investor to pay upfront brokerage to avail lesser brokerage rate for a particular year.

Postpaid Plan:

At Sharekhan you also get postpaid plans based on money margin kept in your account. The more the margin lowers the brokerage.

Moreover, margin can be given if you enroll in a program like- refer a friend, get an affiliate link and earn an extra ten percent brokerage for every refereed transaction.

Pre Paid Plan

Margin Amount18k30k60k1lakh2lakh
Futures intraday.04%.03%.02%.015%.005%
Futures Carry.04%.03%.02%.015%.005%
Options50per lot40per lot30per lot25per lot10per lot

Postpaid Plan

Margin Amount25k30k40k50k1lakh3lakh
Futures intraday.10%.10%.09%.07%.05%.04%
Futures Carry.02%0%0%0%0%0%
Options100per lot100per lot95per lot80per lot70per lot50per lot

Trading At Sharekhan Comes with these benefits-

  • When you trade with Sharekhan just at a call as well.
  • With Sharekhan you can learn to trade by watching online tutorials, seminars as well as informative videos that can make you trade ready.
  • Keep your money invested into platforms for earning great returns from shares.
  • You can do trading, and earn huge about of dividend from your shareholding.
  • If you invest more funds you pay less brokerage but when you invest fewer funds you pay more brokerage.
  • You enjoy “no charge zone” when you do an online fund transfer as well as bank transfers.
  • When you sell your shares you don’t need to pay DP charge (depository participant charges applicable when you sell your shares from DEMAT account.)
  • You can freely transfer your share from or to the DP account without any charge.
  • It helps you with the research team that provides a custom solution to your investment.
  • Provide you with learning opportunities on its website.
  • It offers you two accounts both trading as well as Demat account.
  • You can call and trade without hassle on call.

Trading with Sharekhan has following drawbacks-

  • You get one account with Sharekhan for trading and not three accounts.
  • It’s not a bank account you get paid when your share gains a market.
  • Trading in commodities is not applicable to account holders having a classic account.
  • The baseline limit of investing in shares is rs.20 for which the minimum brokerage you need to pay is worth 10paisa per stock held.
  • Investment is subject to market risk and so there is no guarantee of return in the stock market.
  • Less exposure to the application as compared to other brokers.
  • Brokerage might seem bet expensive when compared to other brokers.
  • Slow trading platform as compared to other platforms.
  • Less Research is available with respect to shares.

Comparison of Other Investment Options

  • Equity Trading Type, Currency trading, ETE investment, and commodity trading is available with all the best companies Sharekhan, Zehrodha, 5paisa, Upstox, and SAMCO.
  • Mutual funds investment is offered by Sharekhan, Zehrodha, 5paisa, Upstox but not SAMCO.
  • MF SIP is a great investment plan that is offered by Sharekhan, Zehrodha, and 5paisa but not offered by Upstox and SAMCO.
  • But banking facility is not available with any of the brokers be it Sharekhan, Zehrodha, 5paisa, Upstox, and SAMCO.
  • Insurance option is available with Sharekhan, 5paisa but not with Zehrodha, Upstox, and SAMCO.

Closing a Demat Account with Sharekhan:

For closing your DEMAT account with Sharekhan is easy. When you have a running account you enjoy the benefits like a dividend for which you pay to broker- brokerage fees, transaction fees, and maintenance fees.

So if you are currently not trading there is no point keeping your account at inactive status? You can close the account just by reporting to the Depository office or branch.

And submit a document with details in a closure form pertaining to-

1.   No securities remaining in your account, at the time of closure of the Demat account. So ensure all your shares are transferred before submitting closure requests.

2.   If there is more than one account holder make sure you get the consent of every account holder and get their consent in the form of a signature on the closure form.

3.   Make sure before closing the account all your dues are cleared and there is no negative balance in the account on grounds of- unavailability if cash, outstanding maintenance charge or unpaid amount of your account.

4.   If you by chance have unused delivery slips you need to submit that to the broker center. Then, after submission, you have to wait for a time duration of the max three days and on the termination of this duration your account will auto close without any charge.

Here Are Statistics showing Sharekhan Complaint rate

You can find a list of customers that complained against Sharekhan in the past ten years.

Basis this you can decide whether this company is worthy of your trust or not. So basis the statistics we can understand that Sharekhan has a good market repo amongst stock brokers.

And can be trusted with investments and long term partner. So as a new investor you can decide to invest in this company based on the understanding and statistics of the last 10 years.

As a good grievance company always makes an effort to keep customers. Hence you can start your journey of investing in this company and be benefited by the returns it offers.

FAQs Asked about Sharekhan

Que. Does Sharekhan provide any market survey report?

Ans. Yes, it provides the report.

Que. Does Sharekhan help the investor with trading/investment tips?

Ans. Yes, it helps investors trading or investing in the stock or commodity market.

Que. Can we get Sharekhan service by a franchise or local bank?

Ans. Yes, customers can get benefitted from a franchise, local bank account to avail Sharekhan services.

Que. Does Sharekhan charge brokerage for the service they offer?

Ans. Yes, Sharekhan charges a brokerage charge for providing online stock broker service.

Que. What kind of accounts can be opened at Sharekhan?

Ans. At Sharekhan accounts like- Demat and trading account are provided to every investor.

Que. Is Sharekhan full or partial broker?

Ans. Sharekhan is a full-time service broker and not a partial broker.

Que. What is the difference between trading and a Demat account?

Ans. Trading Account helps you with buying and selling your share in the stock market. While a DEMAT Account is stored bought shares while shares sold are discharged.

Que. Does Sharekhan provide you with 24*7 services?

Ans. No Sharekhan is a broker that provides you services at a specific time and not 24*7.

Que. Does Sharekhan provide you with Buy today and Sell Tomorrow (BTST) feature?

Ans. BTST feature is available with Sharekhan.

Que. Does Sharekhan offer you with commodity trading or currency trading?

Ans. Yes, Sharekhan offers all sorts of trading there is no restriction to that with respect to trading.

Conclusion about Sharekhan Demat Account

Opening Demat Account with Sharekhan is easy when it comes to some features like trading in securities.

As it allows you to grow your investments and multiply the same via trading in security as well as a commodity.

So don’t worry about investment start your trade journey today with Sharekhan Account? Let’s start with that and open doors of expansion of financial security.

Understanding the brokerage structure will help you get better results and help you enjoy a financial journey.